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New Transistor Uses A Material Known As Gallium Nitride Washington: Every household is filled with dozens of silicon-based electronics, whose main component is usually a silicon-based transistor. But now, a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute student's invention could replace this technology with a new generation of transistors that will not only cut energy consumption but also work under extreme conditions.

Remarks Come In The Wake Of US Prez Blaming India For Global Food Crisis One way to beat the worldwide grain shortage is for meateaters to turn vegetarian, and the movement should start with US president George Bush, the Indian affiliate of animal rights organization Peta has said. Jumping headlong into the controversy that began with Bush's misconstrued remarks about India's role in the rise of food prices worldwide, Peta India has written a letter to the US president, urging him to become a vegetarian and asking other compassionate Americans to follow his example.

The US on Wednesday said prospects of a free trade agreement with India are "too premature' as it depends on the opening of market for agricultural products, though progress has been made in manufacturing and services. "You can see some progress in manufacturing and services. But the true FTA would have to include agriculture. I think it is too premature,' US ambassador to India David Mulford said here. Currently, India is at an advance stage of negotiating a comprehensive economic cooperation agreement with the European Union.

New York: His new book, Physics of the Impossible, has been on the New York Times Best Seller's list for more than four weeks now. Michio Kaku, co-founder of string field theory and professor of theoretical physics at City University, New York, talks to Narayani Ganesh about the future potential of cutting-edge science: Why do you say we're in transition between the Age of Discovery and the Age of Mastery?

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Nano, Tatas' small car with a price tag of just $2,500, is already being viewed as a threat to the North America auto market even before its launch in India. With BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations set to overtake them in production this year, North American auto giants may soon face challenge from cheap cars from India and China.

International blame game is going on over the rising prices of food items. America is blaming the poor of China and India for rising prices. India is blaming America's crop diversion for the same. At the same time, same type of blame game is being played in India too. Indian politicians looked very agitated over the remarks of American President Bush when he blamed increased consumption of food by Indian poor. The same politicians, however, forgot that a few months earlier, same type of remark was made by a central minister too.