In an attempt to enhance green cover in the district, the Tiruchi Police have decided to plant 1,000 saplings on lands belonging to the department. The saplings would be planted in police stations, police quarters, Armed Reserve grounds and other police offices with a view to turning them as green premises.

Five different species of saplings potential enough of reducing carbon emission in the air including Azadirachta indica or Neem, Callistemon citrinus or Red bottle brush, Dalbergia sissoo or Sheesham and Samania saman or Rain tree and Bokul were planted by team AOD Digboi

The Department of Forests has plans to distribute 80,000 saplings to farmers this year under tree planting in private lands scheme as part of the afforestation programme with an aim of increasing green cover on earth, according to forest officials.

Students involved in green drive that was launched in Mysore on Monday. In a bid to improve the green cover in the new and upcoming layouts and recharge the ground water, the Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) on Monday launched the green drive. District In-charge Minister S A Ramdas inaugurated the drive planting a sapling at Lalithadrinagar here.

Efforts to rejuvenate the avian population of central Kerala by providing artificial nests, feed, and improving bird habitats

Conservationists are trying all the tricks up their sleeves to rejuvenate the avian population of central Kerala by providing artificial nests, feed, and improving the bird habitats.

Artificial hideouts for barn owls, pigeon holes atop tall buildings, protection of de

Traditional trees like jackfruit, neem and others will be grown here
Minister for Forests C H Vijayshankar has said the forest department will develop a Devavana at foot of the Bettadapura hill near Periyapatna taluk near here.

Efforts are being made by the civic body to improve greenery by promoting massive tree plantation with people

AHMEDABAD: Five hundred years ago Sultan Mehmud Begda encouraged people of Ahmedabad to plant trees by giving prizes to those agreeing to go the green way. Ahmedabad had many trees and gardens during the sultanate period. Many travellers sang praises on the green beauty of this city.

Maverick Sultan Begda had a deep interest in planting trees.

In India, zinc (Zn) deficiency was first reported in rice by Nene; it is now wide- spread all over the country. The latest report indicates that 49% of Indian soils are deficient in Zn. But good responses of several field and fruit crops to Zn fertilization have been reported from different parts of the country.

Concerned about side-effects of chemicals on farming lands, Maharashtra government has taken an initiative to encourage organic farming in the state and come up with a policy draft for the purpose.

"Repeated use of fertilisers and pesticides have reduced fertility of the land.