a protein found in neem leaf boosts immune response and helps kill colon cancer cells, said researchers of Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, Kolkata, and Burdwan University, West Bengal. In the presence of a cancer specific antigen (a type of protein found in human colon cells), the protein in neem works better to rev up production of specific immune cells and subsequent generation

The study deals with the compatibility of P. fluorescens in combination with soil application of carbofuran and neem seed powder against M. incognita.

Plants are an integral part of life and culture. Folk songs give an idea of plants growing in the surrounding environs of tribal's and throw light on plant-based practices in usage in various spheres of their lives, including the material benefits derived and recreational opportunities offered. This article talks about the desert plants like khejri, ber and its uses.

Significant increase in the growth of paddy plant parts was achieved by halving the urea used and pelleting the remaining with neem cake prior to application. Results on a non-averaged dataset showed significant increase in leaf length, number of leaves, number of panicles, number of tillers and greenness of leaves.

Professor R C Sobti, Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University, Mayor Pardeep Chhabra, and the fraternity from the university planted saplings at the P U campus today, inaugurating a week-long plantation dri

Three trees, including Cassia siamea (Cassia), Azadirachta indica (Neem), Holoptelia integrifolia (Holoptelia)belonging to three different families were identified from a manganese mine tailing dump. Manganese content in dump soil and in the stem, green leaves and dry, fallen leaves of the plants was determined. Values were compared with similar samples collected from normal vegetation.

One of the natural resources from the treasure house of plant kingdom is the Neem tree. The tree is virtually a gift of nature to mankind because of its multiple properties that have high utility value both at domestic and farm level beside its products being eco-friendly and bio-degradable. Gandhi and Patel (1997) conducted a survey in Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Gujarat regarding the farmer's awareness about the impact of pesticides and reported it to be limited to the immediate surroundings.

One of the natural resources from the treasure house of plant kingdom is the Neem tree. The need was felt to disseminate information and knowledge on the versatility of Neem. Enough data is available to support the effectiveness of well designed and developed media for transfer of information, knowledge and adoption of practices. Jan 2008

neem is touted as an eco-friendly insecticide. Almost all parts of the tree

the department of biotechnology (dbt) under the Union ministry of science and technology and earth science claims they are supporting coordinated research projects on development of plant-based