A clinical trial okays an expensive vaccine for India typhoid is the fifth common disease in India; children are particularly vulnerable. But no vaccine to prevent this contagious disease has been part of the country

The vitamin sabotages cancer cells

Tsunami left Tamil Nadu

Thanks to genetics, now the enzyme can be made in labs THERE is an ever-rising demand for papain, an enzyme secreted by the papaya plant. Widely used in the preservation of spices, digestive aids and as a contact lens cleaner, it also finds applications in meat tenderization, beer clarification and blood stain removal. However, the extraction of papain from its natural sources and its

A new rotavirus strain jumped from pigs to humans the swine flu outbreak might take down two billion people worldwide if it turns into a wider pandemic, said an official who estimate. An airborne disease with its origin linked to pig farms in Mexico, it is yet another example of the flux of genetic material between people and animals. But flu is not the only risk. A new rotavirus

Locked in wheat, once released they protect from diseases wheat is more nutritious than was previously known. But this nutrition

A protein released by the silkworm can make bones the importance of the silkworm has increased. It can not only produce silk but also prevent bone loss in people undergoing hormonal therapy for breast, prostate and malignant bone cancers. Silkworm proteins, called fibroins, are extensively used to make medical sutures and scaffolds. But all these fibres come from the domesticated

Linked to diseases like Alzheimer

With iron oxide nanoparticles The millions of arsenic victims living in Bangladesh and India have another option for obtaining clean drinking water. Finely divided iron oxide nanoparticles (ionps) can remove arsenic from contaminated water. Iron-containing compounds have been used in purifying groundwater. By the property of adsorption, arsenic can bind to the solid surface of iron.

It can kill bacteria harmful to humans coconut water