Villagers in Nepal flummox experts by 'reading' satellite images

The Nepal Communist Party government okays the Arun project the party had earlier panned

A Nepalese community that grows vegetables using traditional techniques is now succumbing to population pressures and rapid urbanisation.

NEPAL'S carpet manufacturers have alleged that some environmental groups are the booming carpet industry in the name of a cleaner environment. Bijay Bahadur Shrestha, former president of the Central

A TEAM of US researchers have said carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon pollution levels in Kathmandu were the highest among Asian cities, writes Jan Sharma in a Panos report. The average carbon monoxide

MORE THAN 36 tonnes of highly toxic chemicals are stored even after their date of expiry in the godowns of the Agriculture Inputs Corp at Amlekhgunj, in central Nepal. The Nepal Forum of

"MARBLE, no; water, yes," shouted demonstrators at a recent rally in Kathmandu, demanding an immediate end to quarrying in the Godavari hills of the picturesque valley in which the capital

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NEPAL'S Terai region seems hell-bent on courting environmental disaster. In the last 30-odd years wetlands and swamps have been reclaimed and massive rivers have been tied down by dams. The flood

On Monday the 15th January 1934 Calcutta experienced an earthquake shock of fair intensity which lasted for over three minutes. News from the country was available only next morning, showing that Patna, Monghyr and Jamalpur had suffered severely. News from the most affected region arrived only two or three days later. It was then learnt that the area enclosed by the Ganges, the Gandak and the Kosi, in which lie the districts of Champaran, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga and Bhagalpur had suffered most severely.