A concept that did not click in the hills of the Northeast has now been prescribed for the plains of the region. On December 1, the Union government inked a purportedly historic tripartite pact with the Bodo Liberation Tigers and the Assam government to c

Land is central to the tribal identity in the region too easily abbreviated northeast . Jeuti baruah knows this too well. As director of the Law research Centre, Guwahati, she is constantly discovering how friable these identities are in the face of cons

Grassroots Options is about development or the lack of it in the northeast

Prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has grand plans to illuminate the whole country by now harnessing hydropower from the northeast region. His logic: hydropower projects will usher in local development. But local communities find this logic alienating. T

It is only now that the state is being put on the cancer map of India. Ironically, even the late inclusion has been necessitated by an Indian Council of Medical Research - WHO project to develop a cancer atlas of the country

People in northeast India fear bamboo flowering. According to an ancient belief when bamboos flower, there is death and destruction.

Biodiversity characterisation at landcape level was carried out using Indian remote sensing satellite data in North Eastern region of India. This study presents the results of the project undertaken to build a national database on biodiversity at landscape level. This is important in order to check the alarming biodiversity loss currently taking place in this part of the country.

Shifting agriculture on the hillsides has been going on for centuries. In recent times, it has been blamed for degrading the ecology. Agriculture is a sound ecological management strategy, provided it is sustainable

The Himalaya is the youngest range of mountains in the world are immensely prone to earthquakes. The entire range falls in seismic zone 5 and 4 it is highly prone to earthquakes of destructive intensity. The major Indian towns in the Himalaya have all g

Earthquakes don't kill; badly built houses do. A look into houses in India that have withstood several earthquakes