Houses that hold on

Assam type solution

introduced during the 1950s in the Northeast, rubber is proving to be a valuable cash crop for the tribal people who live on shifting cultivation. "The Rubber Board's experience in the Northeast

Rubber plantations in India's northeastern states are now under attack from various diseases such as oidium secondary leaf fall (SLF). The rubber plantation in the region was undertaken by the

geoscientists and physicists in Assam have warned that the northeastern parts of India and western Burma are likely

High intensity earthquakes may rock some parts of northeastern India between 2030 and 2040, say scientists at the University of Roorkee, Uttar Pradesh. They have analysed seismicity data of the

The recent spate of floods can easily be interpreted as one of the worst floods of the century for India

Two state governments protest against a Supreme Court ban on forest produce

Illegal trade in rare butterflies continues but is yet to be acknowledged by the government

While there are many who welcome the Supreme Court's ban on non forest activities within forests because of its obvious advantages for the northeast's fast disappearing forest lands, the order's implications for the region's economy have not been heart