Even as hopes rise of a civil nuclear accord with Japan following confirmation that its Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be the chief guest at Republic Day celebrations here, an influential lawmaker

Prime Minister to lay foundation stone

Tomorrow, Haryana will emerge on the global strategic map when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh lays the foundation stone of the Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership.

In this 2014 Nuclear Threat Initiative's Nuclear Materials Security Index released by NIT, India has been ranked 23rd out of 25 countries with weapons-usable nuclear materials. India received 41 out of 100 points, thus improving by one point from the 2012 score.

Harnessing nuclear energy for constructive purposes is not without risks but the country has the intelligence required to handle the challenges of using it, said Sharad Kale, Head, Technology Trans

Civil nuclear liability regime, slow decision making also impacted negotiations between NPC & Areva

The 9,900-Mw Jaitapur nuclear power project in Maharashtra is caught in a cobweb of mandatory legislative requirements due to the civil nuclear liability regime, slow decision-making, a surge in cost due to the weak rupee and more safety applications.

New Delhi: Now, operators of nuclear plants in the country will have to report any "extraordinary nuclear event", including radiation and leakage of radioactive material, to the atomic regulator wi

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has released a report, titled 'Climate Change and Nuclear Power 2013.' The report, which expands on the previous 2012 edition, summarizes the potential role of nuclear power in mitigating climate change and its contribution to other development and environmental challenges.

Vouching for the safety of the Russian technology running the reactor at the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, an envoy on Tuesday said the first reactor would begin commercial production in December

Some of the world's top climate scientists say wind and solar energy won't be enough to head off extreme global warming, and they're asking environmentalists to support the development of safer nuc

KKNPP administration would establish an information centre shortly to dispelfears about nuclear reactors, radiations, etc.

Besides executing community development programmes in the villages around Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project site, the KKNPP administration would establish an information centre shortly to dispel fears about nuclear reactor, radiation and other related issues, Site Director, KKNPP, R.S. Sundar has said.