The use of electricity, an integral part of our lives, is increasing by the day. But did you know that accidents involving it are also on the rise? That Kerala accounts for 10 per cent of such accidents taking place in the country? There are a number of such interesting pieces of information in a handbook brought out by the Electrical Inspectorate of the State government in connection with the observance of the first week of May as the Electrical Safety Week.

while India draws attention for being the second-fastest growing economy in the world, workers in the unorganised sector continue to be denied basic facilities, says a government study. In a

Makrana, a small town in Rajasthan, is best known for the pristine white marble that went into the construction of that great monument of love, the Taj Mahal. However, it now attracts attention more for the deaths in the marble quarries.

at last, after innumerable accidents and deaths of workers in the Alang ship-breaking yard in Gujarat, chief minister Keshubhai Patel has pulled up maritime officials for maintaining poor

Safety in mines has improved today compared to days of bonded mine labour. But mines which employ 1 per cent of the global labour force remain hazardous Over half the world's mining

The environmental footprint of oil