800 kgs of Vermi-Compost (organic manure) prepared from municipal waste at Solid Waste Management (Vermi- Composting) Project at Thandapani, Sunderbani of district Rajouri was put on sale for the g

Solid waste collected by the Dharamsala Municipal Council is being disposed of in an unscientific manner despite the fact that the civic body is spending lakhs of rupees for the purpose.

A waste company has been fined £105,000 after admitting contaminating ground water in Sunderland.

What you toss out as organic waste from your homes may feed gardens! In a novel effort, a youngster in Chennai has created an equipment that converts organic waste into manure in 21 days.

Abdul Kani, son of railway employee, D Khaleel, finished his MBA at 2005 from Indian School of Management. He got a job at a leading private bank for the monthly salary of Rs 30,000. Like every youth, Kani also enjoyed a corporate lifestyle. However, after three years of working in a routine job, he decided that he wanted to do something to do different — and quit, to take up a social cause.

Study shows high leachate levels remain untreated

The haphazard dumping of garbage at various landfills outside the City has taken a toll on the health of residents in surrounding villages. Leachate, a toxic fluid which is often discharged from decomposing urban organic waste has been responsible for the contamination of both groundwater and surface water in areas around the dumping grounds.

Using the garbage of Dhaka city, the government for the first time is going to generate 50 megawatt of electricity to add to the national grid.

Discussions on to set up pyrolysis plant

The Corporation, still in the dark about how to dispose of the organic waste generated in the city with the Vilappilsala plant remaining closed, has some hope on the plastic waste disposal front. The civic body has arrived at an understanding with the Bangalore-based Green Transit Renewable Energies, which has come forward with an offer to collect and process plastic waste from the city.

Corporates and citizens come together to segregate and recycle waste

Lack of fencing in a portion has made corporation's job very difficult

Two years back, the Corporation embarked on an ambitious project of providing scientific cover for decades-old garbage at its Vellaikkal dumping yard. It helped the Corporation from preventing environmental pollution, especially groundwater pollution. Under the project, over 10 lakh tonne of garbage scattered on the 110-acre of land, accumulated over 40 years, were heaped like a small hillock in one of the corners of the dump yard.

Recycling could be the new mantra for industries in the State as policy makers and experts stressed on the need to develop technologies to reuse waste to realise the ‘Vision 2023’ goal of sustainable industrial production in Tamil Nadu.

Speaking at a day-long seminar on ‘Waste to Wealth – Entrepreneurial opportunities’ here on Wednesday, environment and forests department secretary C V Sankar said the concepts of industries are changing and there is a need to change the process so that waste could be reused.