Sheer negligence on the part of authorities concerned in implementation of Forest Rights Act, 2006 has resulted in lakhs of forest-dwellers being deprived of their rights, alleged the officials of

On the eve of a high-level summit between the leaders of India and the European Union (EU) in Delhi, Oxfam has called upon the EU to not pressurise India into agreeing to new trade rules that could

A PILOT study to assess free treatment for the poor in Delhi’s private hospitals, conducted by Oxfam, revealed that most such hospitals are not offering the mandatory free treatment to poor.

Oxfam, an international confederation of 15 human rights organisations fighting poverty and injustice, launched a new campaign here on Wednesday for a hunger-free world even as it announced that the number of hungry people the world over has crossed the billion mark and one in four of the world's hungry people live in India. Despite doubling the size of its economy between 1990 and 2005, the nu

JAIPUR: Youths from different countries interacted with villagers in Jaipur and Alwar on Thursday to understand the impact of climate change on communities.

Local communities are creatively adapting traditional knowledge to cope with climate change
Keya Acharya / August 21, 2010, 0:41 IST

In some remote villages in India, which are most unlikely to pose as models of development, a quiet rejuvenation is taking place, with communities learning to adapt to the climate change reality of the country today.

Everyone knows by now that one of the fore


PAK FLOODS UN still has to raise half its $460 million relief target
THE United Nations says it has yet to raise half its $460 million target. The World Health Organization has received commitments for just 25 per cent of the $56 million it has asked for. One aid group has called donations from European countries "feeble".

It isn


Community Reps, Religious Leaders Speak Against Exploitatation of Natural Resources

New Delhi: Cut out the jargon and you get to the root of the problem.