THE results of the 2013 census of herbivores in Gir forests are likely to be declared on Friday with officials hinting at an increase in the population of the wild animals that Asiatic lions in the

Tree saplings and seedlings are being raised in the nurseries owned by the Forest Department across the district. Saplings of teak, rosewood, pungan and other varieties were being raised in the division.

An official told The Hindu on Tuesday that the department had raised over one lakh saplings in Hosur Forest Division, of which 65,000 were distributed free of cost to different government and private institutions and establishments to mark the birthday of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

At least two peacocks died in a remote village of Tharparkar district on Monday, sources told Dawn.

The peacocks, they said, were found dead in Sangelo village in Diplo taluka.

Expressing concern over the killing of peacocks in the state, the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau has asked police to take stern action against the poachers.

BHOPAL: Urban Administration and Development minister, Babulal Gaur has said that Bhopal's Shahpura hillock will be developed as beautiful city forest.

Urbanisation, Insecticides Pushing Winged Creatures Towards Extinction

Lucknow: Many bird species once sighted commonly across Uttar Pradesh are now vanishing. The reasons could be many and diverse, but technology appears to be the biggest factor behind this threat looming over the feathered friends of man. First mynahs faced the extinction threat, then sparrows and vultures followed. And now, the existence of graceful peacock is also threatened due to various factors.

BHOPAL: Hailstorm claimed the lives of a dozen peacocks in Saroda region of Ashok Nagar on Monday night. Standing crops in several villages across the state has also been damaged in the hailstorm.

The incident occurred at Khai Kheda village where the villagers found the dead peacocks and the officials are assessing the damage. Confirming the death of 12 peacocks district forest officer, O Acharya told TOI that the hailstones were quite big and were fatal. "There could me more loss," he said.

Thousands of acres of uncultivable forested hills in Haryana, Gurgaon and Faridabad face the same prospect

Two decades ago when Sunil’s parents sold off 25 acres of their family’s share of land in the Mangar forests of Faridabad, they and other villagers thought the buyers were fools to buy it up because they were assured that they could continue to use it for grazing cattle and firewood. Today, 25-year-old polio-stricken Sunil has dropped all his other dreams and moves with lightning speed on his crutch, across the forest, in government offices and with fellow activists “to save the forests from a determined State government that wants to open it for colonisation.”

Twelve peacocks have died of a mysterious disease at an outhouse-turned park of landlord Ch. Arshad Ali in village Mundeyki Goraya during the last week.

The national bird peacock seems to be low on the priority list of Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) considering the fact that the national peacock census proposed by the Wildlife Ins