Widely-used pesticides made by Bayer CropScience and Syngenta pose a risk to bees, the European Union's food safety watchdog said on Wednesday, reinforcing previous research that led to EU restrict

May 18 Brazilian prosecutors said on Monday they would seek at least 50 million reais ($16.6 million) from multinational pesticide manufacturers for alleged safety violations at a collection facili

China will ban water-polluting paper mills, oil refineries, pesticide producers and other industrial plants by the end of 2016, as it moves to tackle severe pollution of the country's water supply.

SURAT: At least 42 industrial units manufacturing paper, drugs and pesticides, dyes and chemicals, etc.

A new analysis exposes how the American and European pesticide industry is using ongoing EU-US trade negotiations to lower human health and environmental standards in order to increase trade in toxic pesticides.

Stop Pesticide Poisonings depicts why a growing number of individuals and organisations no longer believe that training can achieve so called safe use of hazardous pesticides.

The National Green Tribunal on Tuesday ordered the inspection of nearly 1,000 industries in UP for polluting the Ganga by releasing untreated effluents into its waters.

Their experiment bears fruit with increase in crop production, profits

Residents of 14 villages, mainly women, of Jind district have taken upon themselves the responsibility of keeping pesticides away from their fields. They have identified 204 insects, divided them into vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories and proved that pesticides are not required to keep insects away from crops.

Rajbir Singh of Khadri village never thought that the pesticide got free from the Agriculture Department would not work to save his rice crop from weeds and he would have to plant the crop again.

Just days before the 29th anniversary of the Bhopal gas disaster of 1984, news came last Friday that no hearing took place at the Supreme Court on a curative petition filed by the central governmen