The State has received an amount of $ 250 million from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as loan assistance to revamp the power sector.

Rural electrification can have many benefits-not only bringing lighting, but improving the quality of health care, spreading information and supporting productive enterprises. The extent of these benefits has been questioned, arguing that they may be insufficient to justify the investment costs. This report quantifies these benefits.

The power shortage in Rajasthan touched the level of 1.25 crore units a day following the closure of fifth unit of the Kota thermal power plant due to a technical snag. The unit is not likely to restart before the next three days. The State is already facing a severe power crisis due to non-availability of electricity from six Central power projects and a leakage in the re-heater tube of Giral lignite thermal power plant in Barmer district.

The Central Water Commission failed to secure an agreement between Delhi and Haryana over sharing of water and power from the Renuka Dam at meeting here on Monday. With Delhi refusing to give in to Haryana's demands and depart from the agreement signed in 1994 on sharing of water and power, the matter is now likely to be referred to the Planning Commission for a resolution. Haryana's demand for a share from the water and power that will be generated once the Renuka Dam is commissioned has struck a discordant note as Delhi has objected to the change in agreement.

As India experiences rapid economic development, energy scarcity is becoming a critical barrier to further sustained growth. Costs of conventional power plants are high. Excessive use of fossil fuels and natural sources of conventional power plants will harm the environment and contribute towards climate change.

A robust transmission network is essential for power market operations. Experts have recommended that the market reforms should start with transmission and not generation. Transmission system issues need to be accorded the highest priority in the market development initiative.

Wind resource availability and hence the power generation from wind power projects is variable in nature. Since the share of wind power generation is growing in India, the grid generation issues resulting due to this variable nature of wind power will have to be addressed if the growth is to be sustained.

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The power crunch is taking its toll on industries in Maharashtra. The state government has ordered units in eight districts to shut down their operations during day time due to non-availability of

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