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Developing and emerging economies face a two-fold energy challenge in the 21st century: Meeting the needs of billions of people who still lack access to basic, modern energy services while simultaneously participating in a global transition to clean, low-carbon energy systems.

Renewable energy offers the planet a chance to reduce carbon emissions, clean the air, and put the civilization on a more sustainable footing. It also offers countries around the world the chance to improve their energy security and spur economic development.

A village of 105 lit up households. But how to make renewable energy sustainable? A 30-km drive from Chhattisgarh

The world is still trying hard to over come the double crisis of sky rocketing energy prices, as well as the increasing costs and fears of food shortages. Some of the options being proposed and tried out in some countries, by converting food grains into bio fuels is being blamed at least partly for the increasing cost of food.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) will provide a loan of $165 million to help Bangladesh boost private investment in infrastructure, mainly in the energy sector.

Bangladesh and ADB signed a loan agreement for Public-Private Infrastructure Development Facility (PPIDF) at the Economic Relations Division (ERD) in the city yesterday.

Manisha Jha

NEW DELHI: In a new eco-friendly initiative, the New Delhi Municipal Council has decided to install solar lights in two of the Capital

The government will launch a two-month campaign from November to popularise renewable energy and create awareness about energy conservation across the country.

This was decided yesterday at a meeting of the steering committee on renewable energy and energy conservation at Power and Energy Ministry.

15 Oct 2008

Let’s cut to the chase. If we are serious about climate change then we have to be serious about changing (drastically) the way the world generates and uses its energy. But even as the rich world talks glibly about ‘decarbonisation’ of its economy it has done precious little to reinvent its energy system and to wean itself from its fossil fuel addiction.

Panchkula: A mobile science exhibition van based on the theme Non-conventional energy