Move to make elimination of open defecation a people’s movement

Lauding the people of Darjeeling for their initiative to make the Queen of Hills clean and green, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee today announced that 50,000 toilets would be built in th

As part of eliminating open defecation, 60 village panchayats in the district will have Individual Household Latrine (IHHL) and these villages will also be declared as ‘Open Defecation-Free Village

Question raised in Lok Sabha on solid and liquid waste management, 13/08/2015. Swachh Bharat Mission has been launched from 2.10.2014. Under Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) SBM-G, there is a provision of assistance of up to Rs. 7/12/15/20 lakh for Gram Panchayats with 150/300/500/more than 500 households. Under SBM-G, component-wise funds are not released. However, State/UT-wise funds released under Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan (NBA-sanitation programme prior to SBM-G)/SBM (G) during the last 3 years and the current year is at Annexure-1.

The Bihar legislative Assembly on Wednesday passed a legislation incorporating a provision making it mandatory for candidates contesting panchayat polls in Bihar to have toilets at their houses.

To begin with, co will set up toilets at ghats in Varanasi with low water usage and on-site sanitation tech

In the rural area of the Tibetan Plateau (RATP), the characteristics of domestic waste, people’s environmental awareness, people’s willingness to pay and their influence factors were firstly studied by questionnaires, field samplings and laboratory tests. The results showed that, in the RATP, the generation of domestic waste was 85 g•d-1 per capita and it was mainly composed of plastics, inert waste, kitchen waste, glass and paper. The waste bulk density, moisture content, ash, combustible and low calorific value were 65 kg•m-3, 19.25%, 44.90%, 35.85% and 10,520 kJ•kg-1 respectively.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on MDG for sanitation, 23/07/2015. Data on State/UT-wise percentage of Rural Households with access to toilets is included in this document.

Pregnancy is usually a happy time for women and their families. But, for some women, pregnancy ends unhappily. Some women lose their baby during early pregnancy (spontaneous abortion or miscarriage) or during late pregnancy (stillbirth). Others have their baby earlier than expected (preterm birth) or have a baby with low birth weight, two outcomes that adversely affect the baby’s survival and long-term health.

In a record of sorts, District Administration has constructed 682 toilets in the schools across the district in last three weeks.