while the Andhra Pradesh government is yet to recognize salt makers as farmers, two recent government orders mention

Ongole, July 27: Aqua culture and salt industries have turned soil saline in many parts of Prakasam district making large chunks of land unfit for cultivation. Salt cultivation is on in 7,867 acres in four mandals of the district and in the last one decade, aquaculture is also on the rise in nine mandals.

"Engineers like me can't help marvel at the Agaria's skills,' says Vinay Mahajan of the Ahmedabad-based independent research institute Sandarbh Development Studies. Mahajan has co-authored a paper,

While the Agarias wage a constant struggle with the forest department, the government has allegedly turned a blind eye to pollution by two soda ash-making units run by major industrial groups. At

At the Tata plant in Mithapur, effluent is taken to huge mud trenches, effluent-settlement ponds, which cover about 243 ha. The liquid is supposed to go to the sea from here after suspended solids in

In the post-tsunami period, in the midst of hectic relief work, the Social Activities for Rural Development Society (SARDS), an NGO working in the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh, made a startling discovery. While every government and voluntary agency in the area was bending over backwards to offer relief to the fishing community, the 35,000 odd salt making community in the district was left totally out of the ambit of all relief and aid work. Dec 2007

The photograph above shows a memorial to two protestors killed in police firing in 1999 in in Chinganjam mandala of Prakasam district.

round salt: In what may be a boon to consumers and industry, a group of chemists in India has reported a method to make round salt. Scientists have been striving for years to smoothen the shape of