Madhya Pradesh forest department is planning to open the state’s first ‘vulture restaurant’ to conserve the winged scavengers while taking a cue from their counterparts in Pakistan and Nepal.

Predatory and scavenging birds are at risk of lead exposure when they feed on animals injured or killed by lead ammunition. While lead ammunition has been banned from waterfowl hunting in North America for almost two decades, lead ammunition is still widely used for hunting big game and small game animals.

Manual scavenging is manual removal of excreta (night soil) from “dry toilets”, i.e., toilets without the modern flush system. Manual scavenging involves the removal of human excreta using brooms and tin plates. The excreta are piled into baskets which scavengers carry on their heads to locations sometimes several kilometers from the latrines.

Mahim Pratap Singh

Failed by modernity:Basanti Bai, a manual scavenger, with her

Manual scavenging persists, but community and political mobilisation of workers has initiated change. (Editorial)

Manual scavenging persists, but community and political mobilisation of workers has initiated change. (Editorial)

Ahmedabad: Perhaps for the first time, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has taken up cudgels to make the city free of open defecation spots (ODs) and manual scavenging.

NEW DELHI: President Pratibha Patil on Tuesday called for enrolling women in a big way to make cleanliness a pivotal campaign in the rural areas and to build character and healthy habits among children.

On August 20, 2009 during the World Water Week in Stockholm, Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak will receive the 2009 Stockholm Water Prize for his lifelong dedication to improve public health, advance social progress, and improve human rights in India and internationally. Dr. Pathak shares his reflections and visions on his ongoing quest for clean and dignified lives for all people.

This note deals with the problem of manual scavenging in India as a form of caste and occupationbased social exclusion. It tries to explore the causes and reasons for the continuance of this social evil in India with a case study of Ghazipur district in eastern Uttar Pradesh.