When humans try to constrain rivers, the results can be calamitous. (Editorial)


Coastal zone is very dynamic, being the meeting place of land and sea water. The development in coastal area and subsequent population growth have given rise to problems such as erosion, sedimentation, saltwater intrusion, degradation of natural resources etc. Satellite data has proved to be more appropriate for change detections quantifying and monitoring coastal zones compared to conventional sources. An attempt is being made to elucidate the effect of shoreline changes with reference to the spatial and field data observed along the Tharangampadi area.

Watershed response to produce runoff by a rainfall event depends upon the watershed characteristic and each watershed has its exclusive characteristics. However, most of the watersheds lacks in the facility of recording runoff, in such a case, morphometric parameters of a watershed are valuable information to evaluate watershed capacity to produce runoff.

Could the devastation caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita have had a silver lining? The sediment washed into New Orleans by the floods accompanying the storms may have blanketed over heavily polluted, lead-laden soil in the city, leading to a decrease in lead levels in the bloodstreams of children across the city.

Increased erosion associated with the rise of the world's great mountain ranges has been held to be the cause of a prolonged episode of past climate cooling. That connection is now brought into doubt.

Police unearthed illegal transportation of sand in water tank at Railway station on Monday. According to police, 53 barrels of sands were seized. Each tank had 50 kg sand.

The District administration has been empowered to curb illegal sand mining and transportation in Chikkaballapur ,'District In-charge Minister Dr Mumtaz Ali Khan has said.

Kakinada, April 4: Over 300 persons in Seelamvaripalem and Sriramapuram of U. Kottapalli mandal and leaders and activists of the Telugu Desam party staged a protest on Sunday against the illegal transportation of sand by some people with the help of Congress leaders at sand reaches which come under the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) in East Godavari.

PALAKKAD: As the sand from the Malampuzha and Chulliyar dams were quoted at Rs 2,300 per cubic metre by the highest bidder, the public at large will in effect be denied sand at reasonable price.