Most of us regard the Egyptian pyramids as architectural masterpieces. Justifiably so: the monuments are among the world's finest heritage. But then how many of us know the fate of the workers

Poor Jhabua tribals are falling prey to the deadly silicosis

Kamli Ditiya is barely 40, but she looks 60. Two years ago, hers was a family of ten. Today, she is just one of three. The seven dead include her husband and their two sons. All died of one dreaded, malignant cause: silicosis.

It s also about not compensating suffering mineworkers

NIDHI JAMWAL looks at ways to utilise flyash, and so combat a polluting scourge

Threat from occupational exposure to pollutants, especially to young children and pregnant women, is growing rapidly. There is no time for complacency, note scientists

The story of Chinchurgheria, a village in West Bengal, is a chilling expose of the apathy of businesspersons, the government and politicians. In 1986, the people of Chinchurgheria and a few

An incurable lung disease digs the grave for workers employed in sandstone mines and brick and cement factories

common concern: A Montana jury ordered ChevronTexaco Corporation to pay us $40.3 million for environmental damage from a gasoline pipeline leak in 1955.