The district administrations of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam have issued a bird flu alert in the wake of avian influenza cases in Odisha.

The administrations of the three coastal districts have also appealed to the public, particularly poultry farmers and non-vegetarians, to take precaution. A senior Animal Husbandry Department officer said they have started making all possible efforts to stop migration of crows, parrots and cranes, besides poultry chicken, from Odisha.

Almost 10 per cent of villages in the state have been freshly earmarked to receive notifications under the Andhra Pradesh Water, Land and Trees Act, 2002.

The villages have been identified by the groundwater department here that has asked the state government to strictly check deep-bore drilling in about 2,500 villages that are to be notified in a fresh move this year.

A study of the socio-economic situations of three villages in north-eastern Andhra Pradesh shows that while times and values have vastly changed, not much has been transformed in terms of privileges and opportunities. Those belonging to landowning families have managed to get a good education and secure good jobs or set up businesses. But those from the landless or marginal landowning families and communities have been left far behind. The government’s schemes and promises have more often than not yielded very little.

Ignoring the widespread public protests, Andhra Pradesh Government has decided to go ahead with land acquisition for the 6,000 MW nuclear power plant at Kovvada in the north coastal district of Sri

Despite several protests from environmentalists and tribals, the Central and the state governments have been getting ready for land acquisition and other official formalities for the Kovvada nuclea

In a setback to Suryachakra Power Venture, the Ministry of Environment and Forests has deferred clearance for a 1,320-MW coal-based power plant being developed by the company in Madhya Pradesh as i

East Coast Energy has received the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India, nod for the construction of phase I of 1,320 MW of 2,640 MW thermal power project at Kakarapalli,

Today, the water structure is invariable common property, which can be taken apart
We were standing at the edge of what looked like a swamp — there were grass, pools and streams. On one side there was land heavily barricaded with high walls, barbed wires and armed security. A board read: East Coast Energy, Kakarapalli. A bloody battle had taken place in this village in Andhra Pradesh a few months ago. People protesting against the takeover of their wetland were shot at and three of them lost their lives. Now the site of the 2,640 Mw thermal power plant is under siege — locked and in court.

The local communities, NGOs and other groups opposed the setting up of a beach sand mineral separation plant by the Trimex group at Bhavanapadu in Srikakulam district at a public hearing on Thursda

The Trimex group, which set up a beach sand mineral extraction plant near Srikurmam in Srikakulam district, is seeking to set up another plant in the vicinity of Bhavanapadu in the same district as