Proposal to excavate stone near Kaziranga in abeyance

It s also about not compensating suffering mineworkers

hc cracks whip: Reprimanding the state-level committee over its inability to find zones for stone-crushers, the Himachal Pradesh High Court has ordered the closure of all such units. The owners of

Industrial diamonds can now be produced cheaply

The extraction of slate generates huge amounts of waste. As much as 50% of the material is wasted during the extraction, cutting and dressing operations. Based on laboratory work carried out by author it is analysed that the slate waste can be used in the preparation of concrete blocks for application in building construction.

The story of Chinchurgheria, a village in West Bengal, is a chilling expose of the apathy of businesspersons, the government and politicians. In 1986, the people of Chinchurgheria and a few

Bonded labour, environmental devastation, abject working conditions... the stone crushing units of Haryana are a shame

Ordered by the Supreme Court to shift stone crushers from the Delhi Faridabad border, officials have arbitrarily moved them to a nearby village, paying little heed to their welfare

ON MAY 15 this year, the Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgement in response to a public interest suit demanding the closure of the 300-odd stone-crushing units in and around New Delhi. Unlicensed units were immediately closed and the rest are to be shut down by August 15.

The State Board has issued detailed guidelines from time to time to facilitate the process of grant of consent to establish/consent to operate and also to suitably guide/advice the stone crushing industry for taking appropriate measures for abatement of pollution.