Due to excessive extraction of groundwater to meet the demands of city dwellers, level of the groundwater in the capital is depleting by two to three metres every year.

Gandhinagar: The Narendra Modi government had formed the Gujarat Water Regulatory Authority (GWRA) on February 14, 2012 — Valentine’s Day — hoping to streamline water usage in the state.

Speakers at a farmers gathering in Rajshahi on Wednesday said the vast barind track has started facing water crises following depletion of both surface and groundwater resources, reports BSS.

The present `Master Plan for Artificial Recharge of Ground Water’ is an effort to assess the total recharge potential available in the country along with suitable designs of structures for such recharge.

New Delhi: The National Water Resources Council (NWRC) on Friday approved the new National Water Policy in its meeting after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh assured states that the Centre did not int

Himachal Pradesh today sought financial support from the Centre for the development of water resources infrastructure in the state.

Climate and water expert Pavel Kabat — director and CEO of the International Institute for Applied System Analysis in Austria — calls for a long-term system approach to water research, new partnerships with the developing world and a change in donor practices, to tackle water-climate issues. He talks to Nature Climate Change.

The FAO has released a report titled "Assessing poverty reduction potential through investments in agricultural water management: a methodology for country level analysis." The report presents a methodology to analyze the opportunities, constraints and potential of small-scale Agricultural Water Management (AWM) interventions at pilot research

This technical report provides practical guidance and recommendations in managing concerns over pharmaceuticals in drinking-water. It emphasizes the importance to prioritize this emerging issue in the overall context of water safety management, which includes microbial and other chemical risks that may threaten the safety of drinking-water.

Solid wastes being discarded in open dumping grounds or used as land fill in low-lying areas is causing soil run-off and groundwater pollution.