An apathetic government, land hungry people, and fight for survival: it s the same story everywhere. Here are a few examples:

The Earth Charter has been launched officially at the Hague, the Netherlands. Through this charter, its organisers are hoping to achieve their goal of reaching an International Covenant on

A coal based power plant in Chittorgarh shows that even old plants can be non polluting

They may not seem like much today, but only a fool will undermine the potential of fuel cells

Narrow business interests and an apathetic political leadership will never allow fuel cells to take off

A UNDP report links democracy with a better human development scenario

In which we trace where the world stands with fuel cells and some clear signals of the technology to come

Fuel cells are more important to a developing country like India than developed countries. But the corporate sector is slow.

At a recent session of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (csd), scientists, non-governmental organisations (ngo), farmers and industrialists discussed various farming methods

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