Marine species likely to top CITES meet agenda

Emil Salim, chair of the global preparatory committee for the World Summit on Sustainable Development (wssd) and former Indonesian environment minister has urged India's Prime Minister, Atal Bihari

Call it paranoia or plain silliness. But it is amazing. The Centre for Science and Environment cse has been studying gas pricing in the country to assess how environmentally acceptable fuels can be

World Summit on Sustainable Development WSSD , Johannesburg, August 26 September 4, 2002

World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, August 26 September 4, 2002

Developing countries also fear the huge costs associated with greener technologies, which will be unbearable by their domestic industries. It could make their goods uncompetitive in western markets.

However, the Doha declaration does not take a decision on whether countries with insufficient or no manufacturing capacities in the pharmaceutical sector will be allowed to import generic drugs to

The European Union buckles under the pressure of the developing countries to reduce agricultural subsidies

Fishing has been banned in 28 rivers and canals flowing through the Sunderbans of Bangla