How inevitable was the collapse of talks at the World Trade Organization? How engineered was it? CLIFFORD POLYCARP reports from the streets and conference centres of Cancun

India s decision to ratify Cartagena Protocol evokes mixed response

There's an anti-us wave among Mexican transporters. They are upset over the us delay in implementation of North American Free Trade Agreement (nafta) that would let Mexican trucks deliver

the Europeon Union (eu) may stop imports of us products ranging from motorcycles to furniture worth us $2 billion if us does not compensate the eu for lost steel trade.

Environmental provisions find mention in a free trade agreement

Labour union membership has declined substantially over the past decade around the world. Even in European countries which traditionally had strong unions, the membership is decreasing. However, the

Tangra and Topsia tanneriesin Calcutta defy readyinade solutions

Environmental action will become increasingly centred on mass Reistance

...especially in the gigantic unorganised sector, and suddenly the labour fringe becomes the mainstream

The increasing fear of losing jobs to cheaper Mexican labour has prompted many Americans to protest the North American Free Trade Agreement.