The registrar of trade unions has refused to acknowledge the Bal Mazdoor Union BMU , an association of working children in Delhi. Though the Delhi High Court has upheld the order of the registrar, the BMU refuses to give up and intends to appeal.

HAVING an attractive, alliterative title is a prerequisite for popular books today, but it is Arthur Bonner"s subtitle that is seriously misleading. Averting the Apocalypse is not about "social

France has been in the grip of a wave of strike against economic reform measures set in by the president Nicolas Sarkozy. The transport workers initiated the strike on November 13 against plans to

Mine workers in different parts of Rajasthan have got together to form cooperative. ARCHI RASTOGI visits them and finds that these cooperative are an entreprenurial success RUN PDS SHOP IN

Trade unionists and environment experts from around the world have agreed that environmental rights such as access to clean water, health care and energy be made part of workers rights.

The decision was taken during a conference on labour and environment organised by the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi from January 15-17, 2006.

In view of the global and national evidence of the increasing death toll of asbestos workers, Indian trade unions, labour and environmental groups have demanded a boycott of all asbestos products and

How negotiations on issues moved, or didn’t

What of the Doha round? What of the WTO itself?

Pressures on wto from the environmental lobbies of the North have grown and the organisation has more or less caved in completely

the growing livelihood insecurity that the masses face due to depletion and degradation of environmental resources, population explosion, unemployment and poverty have marked the end of the 20th