Overwhelming evidence shows that hazardous work, working conditions, and environment fail to maintain homeostasis results in death or severe disability. Up to the 1980s, governments did not pay major attention to occupational health in developing countries, including India. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy, in 1984, was the turning point in the history of health and safety in India.

Environmentalism could learn from the history of labour unions THE past few weeks turned out to be embarrassing for state and corporate powers in France and UK. First the french nuclear energy giant edf got caught hiring private investigators who hacked into Greenpeace

Agitation for his release gathers steam ON MAY 4, the Supreme Court issued notice to the Chhattisgarh government seeking its response in two weeks to the petition of Binayak Sen, vice-president of the People

The decline of the political significance of industrial conflicts is not quite a result of the structural changes in management-labour relations (as commonly thought) in these times of globalisation. It is more a consequence of the lack of an appropriate agency and politics among the working classes, despite their increasing incompatibilities with globalising capitalism. A set of case studies of manufacturing industries in Bangalore illustrates this point.

Fighting hike in food rates, the government may continue the ban on futures trading on four agricultural commodities

the Government of India is preparing a report to show the hazard to workers' health from white asbestos is manageable. This came out in a response of the Union Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers

Kalavati Barai of Raipur Tea Estate in Jalpaiguri has been watching the consistent deterioration of her family of six over the past four years. In March this year, her husband succumbed to severe

british trade union Amicus has announced plans to create an international

coke unit shut: The Maoist labour union in Nepal has shutdown the country's only Coca-Cola bottling company, Bottlers Nepal, due to an ongoing dispute regarding employment of contract workers. The

Port workers in Gujarat recently staged a protest against the state government's move to privatise four ports.They claimed the move would affect more than 10,000 families, who depend on the ports for