The Transport and Communication Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific is a peer-reviewed journal that is published once a year by the Transport Division of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).

A new report by the World Health Organization offers guidance and tools for urban leaders to tackle some of the leading causes of death in cities. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) - like heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes - kill 41 million people worldwide every year, and road traffic crashes kill 1.35 million.

The present volume of 'Road accidents in India 2018' provides information on various aspects of road accidents in the year 2018. It has nine sections giving an overview, profile of road accidents , causes of road accidents; inter-state comparisons; share of millions plus cities; spatial and intertemporal distribution; international comparisons; road safety initiatives taken by the Government of India and a brief write up on Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019 etc.

Road injuries are among the ten leading causes of death worldwide and also impede economic wellbeing and macroeconomic performance. Beyond medical data on the incidence of road injuries and their resulting morbidity and mortality, a detailed understanding of their economic implications is a prerequisite for sound, evidence-based policy making.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Road Accidents, 11/07/2019. The Ministry analyses the road traffic injuries based on the data received from the Police Department of all State/UTs. The latest data of road accidents published by the Ministry are for the calendar year 2017.

Badgers are Britain’s most flattened mammals, according to a new roadkill survey, which reveals more than 900 have been crushed on highways so far in 2019.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Road Accidents, 27/06/2019. The Ministry collects data/information on road accidents from the Police Department of all State/UTs in the prescribed format on calendar year-wise.

Tanzania's main city Dar es Salaam did not have traffic signs, speed bumps or footpaths outside many schools, although children walking to class were being hit by cars on a regular basis.

The Australian government has announced 2.2 billion Australian dollars (1.5 billion U.S. dollars) of investment in road safety initiatives.

NEW DELHI: Road deaths in India increased to nearly 1.49 lakh in 2018 with Uttar Pradesh registering the maximum spike in fatalities.