07 Dec 2010

How does the UNFCCC select its various locations for its annual climate change meets? What I am hinting at is, why Cancun? Why, for that matter, Copenhagen, Poznan or Bali? I have been told that cities vie for the honour, just like a sporting event such as the Olympics or the Asiad, and pay for it.

03 Oct 2010

It is in the interest of developing countries to agree to legally binding national emission limits alone to secure their fair share of the global carbon budget.

This paper provides a comprehensive overview of the search for a home, or homes, for hosting international deliberations and action on energy subsidy reform. The two most obvious contenders for such an ?institutional home? are the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

30 Jan 2010

Copenhagen Accord: country submissions

By now, Australia, US, China and EU have all sent their letters to UNFCCC secretariat regarding their ‘willingness to support’ the Copenhagen Accord or not. It is interestingly to break down the communication and to read between the lines.

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Ahmedabad: A city-based documentary filmmaker, Sandeep Damre, 37, has won an international award for his documentary

Climate change is real and urgent . The atmosphere at Poznan climate change conference is combative and with a difference as the time for postponement is over. Now the warming of climate system is unequivocal and there is need to take deep & drastic emission reduction targets.

03 Dec 2008

It is no wonder that a friend of mine, a chartered accountant, is still confused about climate change causing severe winter while it is all about global warming. I am sure there are millions in the world who are oscillating between the hot and cold of climate change.

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What s behind the huge spurt in coal generation investments in the US?

Daphne Wysham is the co author of a recent report, The World Bank and the G 7: Changing the Earth s Climate for Business . She is also the coordinator of the sustainable energy and economy network, a project of