Udupi CMC has chalked out plans for beautification and development of pollution free city in preparation for the platinum jubilee celebrations of CMC in 2010.

The world has seen a dramatic shift to urban living. In 1900, only 10 per cent of the global population were urban dwellers; now it's more than 50 per cent. More than 95 per cent of the net increase

Traditionally most urban areas in the country have grown out of rural settlements. Land use changes and population growth have precipitated urbanization in a lot of rural centres. Urbanization also

more than 100 municipalities in the us state of Pennsylvania are declaring the environmental regulations of the state and federal governments null and void. They have, in fact, passed ordinances

Finding space in our city for nature

LUDHIANA Ludhiana"s problem is that of plenty. This industrial town has a per capita income of Rs 30,000, almost 30 times more the per capita income of the state of Bihar which is only Rs 1,067.

ALIGARH Aligarh was among the six districts chosen for the Green Revolution along with Ludhiana in the 1980s. The Green Revolution happened and Aligarh, like many other towns, went on to bigger

JAISALMER Jaisalmer is one of the world's prettiest 4 desert forts. And it is one of the few in which people still live. But modern Jaisalmer is also bursting at the seams and using water in a

A sleepy town finds its rivers dirtied

Satyajit Ray"s films showed an extreme sensitivity to the natural world. Yet he was no naturalist. The people he portrayed were carefully situated in their environment