bioprocessing of organic solid wastes is a must
An analysis of municipal solid waste generated by various cities in India evidently reveals that more than 50% (typically 35-70%) contains biodegradable/organic waste.

'Malgaon' is a village of East Nimad in Khandwa district, Madhya Pradesh. Rain precipitation is not satisfactory in this village. The average rainfall of the village is around 850 mm but last few years the village has been experiencing only 428 mm rainfall. The scanty rainfall is also affecting Kharif crop with the crisis of drinking and fodder.

COIMBATORE: On a 450-acre campus where nearly 8,000 people live, at least one tonne of food getting wasted is not unusual. But what Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham does with that waste is certainly unusual.

Poor access to appropriate technologies due to difficult topographies and tough mountain conditions is one of the major causes of poverty, drudgery and natural resources degradation not only in the Indian Central Himalaya, but also in other parts of the Hindu-Kush Himalaya. Of late, deve-

Organic farming is gaining wide attention among farmers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and agricultural scientists because it minimizes dependence on chemical inputs like fetilizers, pesticides and other agro-chemicals and safeguards and improves the quality of resources and the environment.

Students and teachers of Doon University participated in a day-long training workshop on Solid Waste Management as a part of the capacity building and strengthening of Vermi Composting Units in universities and colleges, an initiative of the State Government.

The programme was held at the Senate Hall of the university and was attended by senior members of the staff and students from various col

A workshop on "State level programme of capacity building and strengthening of vermi compositing units in university and colleges through solid waste management training programme" was held at MKP Inter College in Dehradun on Friday.

Traditional replenishing practices should be encouraged to raise crop yields
Soil fatigue has emerged as one of the key constraints in raising crop yields. Most of the arable land in India has been cropped for decades and some even for centuries. In the process, nutrient consumption has far exceeded the amount that could be replenished through organic or inorganic fertilisers.

Brainchild of Professor Rajneesh Sharma and Satendra Yadav of Kurukshetra University
Prof Rajneesh K Sharma and Satendra K Yadav, Department of Zoology, Kurukshetra University, have invented a machine to obtain green manure from dead leaves.

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