The effects of vermicompost on the rate of growth of a variety of ornamentals, vegetables and medicinal plants have been assessed in the greenhouse and some field crops.

82 per cent Indian farmers want bio-fertilizers says study excessive use of synthetic fertilizers in India is reducing soil fertility and affecting food production, said a joint study by non-profit Greenpeace and West Bengal

Though acquatic weeds such as water hyacinth play a vital role in the acquatic ecosystem, congestion of the weeds in wetlands could hamper the general productivity of the ecosystem.

Composting of leaf litter using the epigeic, exotic earthworm Eisenia fetida and the microbial kinetize (Quikompost) was carried out in order to compare their efficacies in waste management. The quantity of leaf litter composted and the biomass (earthworm/microbial) recovered after composting were increased with increasing the quantity of earthworm/microbial kinetizer.

In their free time, these rail employees work to produce vermicompost in the Matunga workshop

Their main job is to ensure that Mumbai

Integrated farming is emerging as a viable proposition for farmers in Kerala, given its geographical and weather conditions, as can be inferred from the experience of a successful farmer in Wayanad.

Though the green revolution enabled India to attain food security, the technologies, subsidies and public support systems failed to address the problems of small-scale dryland agriculture. Diversified farming, being more economically and ecologically resilient, can reduce risk.

Small land holders can be self sustainable. This was proved by Shri. Santu, a small farmer in Gorakhpur, who started making a decent living from farming by increasing the diversity on the farms and integrating one into another.

NAVI MUMBAI: Several malls have mushroomed over the last three years - five have sprung up in Vashi itself - and mall culture is here to stay. But how many of these mammoth structures, which record thousands of footfalls daily, think of culturing the huge amount of waste they inevitably generate? Well, one mall has made an innovative, eco-friendly beginning in this direction.

Enabavi and Ramachandrapuram villages broke away from the pesticide-debt trap. They are now teaching other villages to become debt free and self-reliant A board with bold letters announces the chemical free and GM free status of Enabavi village in Warangal district. The village stopped using pesticides 10 years ago and adopted organic farming five years later, much before the state