- A backward Netarhat village shows the way by making vermi-compost

Bishunpur (Gumla), March 24: A sleepy nondescript village in Bishunpur block of Gumla district, inhabited by primitive tribes and otherwise looked down upon for being backward, has a lesson to teach to not only its neighbours but also to other hamlets across the country.

Chennai: The cold, arid region of Ladakh, where temperatures dip to minus 45 degrees Celsius, is the last place on earth where you would expect tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber, brinjal, onion and garlic to grow. But, thanks to the efforts of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), about 5,000 tons are produced in Ladakh every year.

During the day, Amanjeet Gill is a diplomat, tall, urbane and well travelled. But on weekends, 41-year-old Gill becomes a farmer. He is the driving force behind a non-profit called the Farmer

Bank conceives a loan component for vermicomposting

NAGAPATTINAM: The Indian Overseas Bank has conceived a loan component for vermicomposting to provide for sustainable agriculture at the tail-end areas.

The scheme envisages a loan component of upto Rs.5 lakh towards project cost.

BHUBANESWAR: If things go as planned, Orissa prisons may show the way in organic farming.

In fact, the open air jail at Jamujhari, which boasts of 111 acre farm land, already is into organic farming.

Rain water conservation techniques, like large compartmental bunding and furrow opening in between the crop rows in combination with organic sources were evaluated for their impact on increasing the productivity of cotton+soybean intercropping system.

Ludhiana: Punjab Agriculture University (PAU), Ludhiana, honoured five progressive farmers during the two-day Kisan Mela that began on the university premises here today.

India Gelatine and Chemicals Limited (IGCL), Vapi, Gujarat a public limited company produces food and pharma grade gelatine. The plant produces 30 tonne of obnoxious semi-solid proteinaceous sludge everyday which is threat to the environment.

The experiment showed that noxious aquatic weeds like water hyacinth, water lettuce and cattail could be managed beneficially by converting easily in to good quality vermicompost within 2 to 3 month using Perionyx excavates earthworms. These composts recorded 0.71-1.36% total nitrogen, 0.38-0.75% total phosphorus and 0.86-1.44% total potassium, indicating its good quality as organic fertilizer.

Mushroom production is an untapped potential source of employment and income in Kerala. Janaki who has established herself as an enterprising entrepreneur in mushroom production is now a role model for several unemployed youth.