Forget Survivor and Fear Factor. Thanks to embedded media you can now watch and read about the exploits of your favourite journalist in the midst of all too real war

The US forces may use a new e bomb during the invasion of Iraq as part of the 21st century blitzkrieg designed to render Saddam Hussein s forces blind, deaf, dumb and incapable of retaliation

US based magazine Editor and Publisher surveys of us newspaper editorials show that a majority of the top newspapers oppose any attack on Iraq without broad international consent. The huge antiwar demonstrations in cities across the US seems to have regis

Recently, I met some senior British diplomats. Conversa tion moved to the impending war in Iraq and its rationa lity . It became heated. I wish to share a piece of Bushspeak the discussion ended

Video games on the Internet no longer spell just mindless escapism for misguided kids. Many of the most popular games today also involve role playing, and players aren t necessarily participating to escape their daily grind. Instead they are increasingly

The first comprehensive UN survey of Afghanistan's environment brings out the dismal state of affairs in the country. After more than two decades of war and three years of drought, air and water

Animal rights activists were shocked and dismayed as the Indian Navy announced its plans to use dolphins for planting advanced limpet mines on enemy ships and submarines, following successful trials.

Petroleum fuels the engines of the global economy. So there is never enough of it. Oil politics dictates international relations

Energy policy has always been of vital importance in the US. That's why oil and gas executives have taken over the reigns of the government today

The landlocked Caspian Sea is a cauldron of geopolitics. Its essential ingredients: oil and natural gas