Multiple vaccinations torment US soldiers after the Iraq war

It was only half a year ago, but events since the Johannesburg earth summit already make it seem like a distant event. The world has just seen an American engineered war in which the un was sidelined and the us paid scant regard to the views of even its t

The sudden spurt in articles on bioterrorism published by medical journals may have inadvertently helped convince the public that the war on Iraq was just, argues Ian Roberts, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Roberts res

Scientists reveal that the us military bombarded Vietnam with greater quantities of Agent Orange and other defoliants than previously estimated. The findings were unearthed by a study spanning five

The relentless bombardment of war related footage on tv screens has stressed out viewers. Audiences all around the globe have been complaining of sleepless nights and even guilt in some extreme cases

The us military has resorted to using dolphins to clear mines in the war against Iraq. The marine mammals are trained not to make contact with the mines but to place floats near them. The us Navy

In these days of global and domestic wars, to which many grown ups respond by simply shrugging their shoulders cynically, children react more readily to the inner urge for creative protests. The paintings of two young girls on the bloodbath in Muthanga sh

for the first time, it has been found that depleted uranium (du) used during the Bosnia and Herzegovina conflicts of 1994-95 has contaminated local water sources. Furthermore, the highly radioactive

US attempts to kill of global democracy are getting more commonplace than ever. In such a political climate, it is impossible to talk about global rights to common property resources, equity and social justice

Vo Quy is semi retired, but still officially heads the Center for Natural Resources Management and Environmental Studies at the University of Hanoi in Vietnam. Vietnam s leading ecologist, he has played an instrumental role in