India's energy supplies depend entirely on the vagaries of the market

Energy security will not come with more drilling. The faster we realise this, the better

Today, it is oil politics that dictates international relations and alliances. Several international conflicts in recent years have been sparked off by the need to control oil fields. With war clouds hovering over Iraq and the conference on climate change

As war clouds hover over Iraq, it has been alleged that territorial waters of the Gulf country are being polluted with fuel by the us navy. This charge was recently levelled by an Iraqi

A book by Adam Rome

Even a limited Indo Pak war would see three million deaths

Iraq has accused Britain and the us of not only causing cancer but also blocking medical supplies crucial to the treatment of cancer to its people. In a letter to un secretary-general

Where does Afghanistan go from here? Does it have the capacity to utilise the funds? There are too many players, too many interests and too much confusion

Despite marathon wars, Afghan resilience is intact. So is their affiliation to localised independence

Afghanistan, the badland of international politics, faces its toughest challenge: life and peace. Two decades of war, six months of non stop bombing and incessant US efforts to establish a friendly government, make this a bitter dream. One tenth of its po