The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has urged Israel to immediately ease restrictions on the waters off the Gaza Strip. The request comes at the beginning of annual

the first-ever debate on climate change in the un Security Council evinced strong protests from developing nations. The proposal by the uk asked for a discussion on climate change in the council

>> After the Umm Nasser sewage flood, Gaza Strip now risks another such deluge (see

At least nine people were killed and many injured after a septic cesspool flooded a village in the Gaza Strip on March 27, 2007. As the cesspool, containing 20,000 cubic metres of sewage water,

Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, a documentary by Rory Kennedy, shows that torture in Iraq's infamous prison cannot be written off as excesses by over-belligerent soldiers. Culpability trickled upward all the

Pak pollution check The Rawalpindi city district government in Pakistan recently launched a plan to shift industrial units in Rawalpindi city to its suburbs to reduce pollution in the city. The plan

With Burundi, a small east African country, emerging from a 13-year-long civil war, more than 400,000 refugees have started returning home. Its newly elected government now faces the daunting task of

A n international agreement obliging warring countries to eliminate unexploded weaponry, which kill and maim long after the end of hostilities, came into force on November 12, 2006. The Protocol V

The US response to Lancet study on Iraq

Post-war Mortality