The sharing of waters between India and Nepal has always been a contentious issue. If the latest agreement is any different, it is only because the issue has become political.

Mughal builders are known the world over for the Taj Mahal. But their water engineers built a supply system in 1615 that still provides water to a Madhya Pradesh town at no cost.

INDIA and Bangladesh have arrived at an agreement to prepare a comprehensive and permanent sharing of the Ganga-Brahmaputra waters. This agreement was reached in New Delhi between visiting

CLOSE on the heels of the bitter land wars in the West Asia comes the bitter conflict over water. Israel and the West Bank Palestinians are at odds over scarce water; its Arab neighbours - Palestine,

The Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) has now officially introduced water rationing in the state capital, announcing supply of drinking water every third day for an hour.

The botted water industry is global in nature. But it is designed to sell the same product to two completely different markets one water rich and the other water scarce. The question is whether this

"bottled water and soft drinks industry should be charged higher water-cess'. This was among a series of recommendations issued by a sub committee to frame a water policy for industries. The sub

the Punjab state farmers commission has recently asked the state government to make delayed-sowing of rice mandatory. The move comes at a time when agriculture in Punjab is facing its worst spell

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there are conflicting claims over the distribution of water of the Rajsamand Lake by residents of Rajnagar township in Rajasthan and the farmers there. The conflict began after the Water