delhiites once again faced a severe round of water shortage in the first week of November. The Delhi Jal

In yet another instance of animal-human conflict, wild elephants in Meghalaya's West Garo hills are

as the mighty river Rhone surges through eastern France, water shortage is far from anyone's mind living on the banks of the river. Along its 500-mile route, it is fed by many tributaries

The revival of an ancient waterway could solve the water scarcity of this pilgrim town

Bangkok's Royal Irrigation Department has announced a scheme to pipe water to needy villages. Once completed, it will provide a 24-hour water supply to northeastern provinces and will increase

A three judge bench will decide Supreme Court's (SC) jurisdiction on the Inter-State River Water Disputes tribunals. The SC referred the question of its jurisdiction to interfere with the orders of

Ever since the inception of Bangladesh in 1972 its politics have been featured by several types of seemingly endemic conflict, some of which have been associated with either periodic outbursts of violence or prolonged relatively low-key armed confrontations.

A national water policy for Bangladesh is on the anvil. This was announced by water resources minister Abdur Razzak in Dhaka recently. The country is all set to launch a planning exercise for a

All African countries through which the water of the river Nile flows, can hope to coordinate sharing of one of Africa's greatest resources. The 10 nations - Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Zaire,

The much vaunted upgradation of the porous water supply system of the Manila metropolitan water and sewerage systems (mwss), suffered a setback due to a lawsuit that pointed out "serious