As the Cauvery river dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu gets reduced to a politico legal wrangle, focal issues remain unaddressed

The country's new water policy is nothing more than noble intentions

At a time when the Cauvery river dispute rages on, the Supreme Court (SC) has directed the Union government and all the states to respond on the crucial issue of networking of inter-state rivers.

Why is everything important reduced to a dramatic farce in our country? Take the Cauvery imbroglio. The issue is serious and important. Namely how will states, regions and people share increasingly

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Quiet flow the rivers as politics make their waters murky

Why has private participation in the urban water sector failed to take off?

Finally, there's incontrovertible evidence to confirm what was always known to be behind the capital's water woes: illegal usage and leakage. Official supplier Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has calculated

Taiwan's biggest security threat has brought it relief from a severe drought. For the first time in 50 years, a ship delivered 2,300 metric tonnes of water from China to a tiny Matsu island in

The water thirsty capital is the perfect example of how not to manage water. Tracing where the three billion litres disappear everyday