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IRS-LISS-II data along with other data sets have been utilized to extract information on the hydrogeomorphic features of a hard rock terrain in the Sironj area of Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh, India. The study exhibits reservoir induced artificial groundwater recharge downstream of surface water reservoirs.

This report gives the requirements, methods of sampling and test for natural mineral water offered for sale in packaged form.

A crack has appeared on the mountainface forming part of the Tehri dam reservoir. Will such cracks effect the dam project in case of seismic activity? How safe is the site? How serious are the implications?

CSD has become a stratospheric environment in which no wisdom gets injected from the perspective of the poor

Industry s role in managing the dwindling freshwater resources of the world was highlighted at the sixth session of the Commission for Sustainable Development at New York. But countries of the South are hesitant about treating a social resource as a

An exclusive Antarctic Study Centre (ASC) is being set up by the Department of Ocean Development (DOD) in Goa. It will be the first national polar research lab in the country with the task of

Far from being the missing link it was called earlier, Antarctica is now being described as the continent of global development by Indian scientists who have returned from the 16th and 17th Antarctic

This paper explores the potential implications of climate change for the use and management of water resources in Britain. It is based on a review of simulations of changes in river flows, groundwater recharge and river water quality. These simulations imply, under feasible climate change scenarios, that annual, winter and summer runoff will decrease in southern Britain, groundwater recharge will be reduced and that water quality – as characterised by nitrate concentrations and dissolved oxygen contents – will deteriorate.

Political leaders come to the governance system with only one agenda which is centered on one objective to loot the treasury

There is an urgent need for a national and international debate on how the world s water resources are going to be managed