Wayanad, which has been in the news for the high number of farmer suicides, is also known for widespread homestead farming. A typical home garden integrates trees with field crops, livestock, poultry and fish. Home gardens form a dominant and promising land use system and maintain high levels of productivity, stability and sustainability, say A V Santhoshkumar and Kaoru Ichikawa.

Several villages lying adjacent to forest areas in Kerala are in a state of panic with summer heat and drought pushing leopards, elephants and king cobras out of the jungles. At least two human lives have already been lost due to leopard attacks in the recent past and accidental deaths of elephants wandering out of forests have also been reported in the past few days.

One acre of land, one house intended for each such family1,000 acres of land to be acquired in Wayanad for tribals

Kochi: The Kerala government, on Monday, informed a Division Bench of the Kerala High Court that 14,200 tribal families still remained landless in the State.

The environmental monitoring programme on water quality carried out by the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment and the Centre for Water Resources Development and Management has thrown light on the water quality parameters of the river basins in the State.

SULTHAN BATHERY: The wildlife census which concluded at Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (WWS) here on Monday is a giant step towards continuous monitoring of tiger population, predator indications and strengthening of the habitat management strategy.

Integrated farming is emerging as a viable proposition for farmers in Kerala, given its geographical and weather conditions, as can be inferred from the experience of a successful farmer in Wayanad.

From his lookout atop an 80- foot-tall tree, Gopal could see the forests in three states burning simultaneously last fortnight. Even though fires are not unusual at this time of year in the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve (NBR)


Neighbourhood networks nurse the chronically ill in their homes K M Basheer