Thousands suffer in India s ship breaking yards while an unconcerned government invites more ships for scrapping

Birla Textile Mill in Himachal Pradesh is yet to pay dues to 2,300 workers. The unit was shifted from Delhi for causing pollution

Some factories in Delhi are flouting a Supreme Court order to relocate polluting factories. Meanwhile, over 50,000 workers have been rendered jobless. Most have not been compensated

Hard manual labour may actually reduce the risk of breast cancer in women

A STUDY conducted by Shobhana Warrier, a professor at the Jamia Millia Isalmia, Delhi, notes that the workers in fish processing units are often made to work under pathetic conditions and live in

it is feared that several Victorian

The ministry of environment and forests has banned setting up of

A new safety suit can sound alarm bells the moment it is damaged and make working in hazardous environments safer

For women in the hill area of Kumaon, Uttar Pradesh, life is not easy. They have to wear the skin off their knuckles to scrape together a living

Employers who seek optimal efficiency and productivity from their older workers should put them on morning shifts. Why? Because recent research at John Morris University in Liverpool, UK, has shown