marburg hemorrhagic fever: Following two cases of Marburg hemorrhagic fever in Uganda, scientists are collecting bats from the country's lead and gold mines where the victims had worked. Around five

A minimum population of 5,000 persons At least 75 per cent of the male population engaged in non-agricultural pursuits Population density of at least 400 persons per sq km All

Mine workers in different parts of Rajasthan have got together to form cooperative. ARCHI RASTOGI visits them and finds that these cooperative are an entreprenurial success RUN PDS SHOP IN

Safety in mines has improved today compared to days of bonded mine labour. But mines which employ 1 per cent of the global labour force remain hazardous Over half the world's mining

thousands of saltpan workers, called Agarias, from 107 villages in Gujarat's Rajkot, Surendranagar, Patan and Kutch districts face displacement with the Gujarat forest department serving them an

The Mexican National Mining and Metal Workers Union representing four million workers recently gave strike notices to the labour department's arbitration board. More than 200 Mexican organisations

Trade unionists and environment experts from around the world have agreed that environmental rights such as access to clean water, health care and energy be made part of workers rights.

The decision was taken during a conference on labour and environment organised by the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi from January 15-17, 2006.

too demanding: The Uttar Pradesh government decided on December 14, 2004, to constitute an Irrigation Development and Flood Control Commission. The move is allegedly aimed at merely including

PILE OF PERIL: Toxic waste from piles of unused pesticides in Africa is threatening people's health and the environment. Despite several clean-up measures by the Rome-based Food and Agriculture

Workers in the wood industry face higher risk of cancer