several migrant workers from eastern Uttar Pradesh (up) who went to earn their livelihood in bigger cities like Mumbai, are reportedly coming back home infected with the deadly hiv virus.

Women have always had it bad...patriarchy has ensured that down the generations. A look at women in the various spheres of life, in education, workplaces, health status and in power show that men are

Indian industries have begun to step up AIDS-awareness measures for their estimated 60 million strong workforce. A study by the Punjab, Haryana and Delhi Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI)

A hypothesis that radiation from a nuclear plant caused leukaemia in the children of its employees has been trashed

A US government plan to simplify immigration procedures for professionals in 10 short listed vocations has come under fire

About six million people employed in India's beedi industry risk developing cancer from handling tobacco leaves

TECHNOLOGY change is resulting in problems of large-scale and permanent unemployment. The demand for blue-collar employees is decreasing, while that of white-collar workers is increasing. Overall,

China's attempts at modernising its energy industry will cause more than 100,000 coal workers to be laid off immediately, while hundreds of thousands more will be retrenched in the coming years. The

Karoshi -- death from overwork -- has struck corporate bigwigs in Japan. Now, white-collared workers and women too are being affected and a worried labour ministry has announced a set of initiatives

THIS IS a worthy compilation of stories of resistance by workers to the assault on them, legitimised now by the New Economic Policy. More specifically, it tells the story of the courageous fight