THE GROWTH of the Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) is an inspiring story of an unique organisation combining within its ambit labour unions, workers' cooperatives, and a bank. Its

Recent research reveals that subjecting night shift workers to eight hours of bright light could bring about a 12 hour shift in their daily rhythms.

ON MAY 15 this year, the Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgement in response to a public interest suit demanding the closure of the 300-odd stone-crushing units in and around New Delhi. Unlicensed units were immediately closed and the rest are to be shut down by August 15.

iPhone maker Apple was criticized by Chinese green groups for lax corporate oversight of its suppliers in China, leading to poor environmental and work safety standards that poisoned dozens of factory workers.

Apple, which announced blockbuster profits and a dazzling outlook for iPhone and iPad sales earlier this week, continues to be dogged by accusations of aggressive pricing and secretive su

IT was when the men in moon suits arrived that it really sank in. There they were, with breathing apparatus and impermeable all-in-ones, gingerly taking away the material that had been sitting for five years in an open-air scrapyard in the middle of the busiest part of town.

The story of UCIL-Jaduguda and the struggle of the mostly Santal
Adivasi People against the company is not unknown to the general

At least 27 Chinese miners were missing in two separate accidents concealed by mine owners in northeastern Heilongjiang province, a state-run news agency reported Wednesday.

France has been in the grip of a wave of strike against economic reform measures set in by the president Nicolas Sarkozy. The transport workers initiated the strike on November 13 against plans to

marburg hemorrhagic fever: Following two cases of Marburg hemorrhagic fever in Uganda, scientists are collecting bats from the country's lead and gold mines where the victims had worked. Around five