A family that has little use for cash The morning I went to meet her Anusuyabai Meshram did something she does not usually do

Sinks Chhattisgarh

Organic farmer in Vidarbha turns mud into durable houses He trained to be an engineer. He believes in Sarvodaya, the

Indore under water emergency THE Malwa region of western Madhya Pradesh is facing acute water shortage. Most reservoirs in the region dried up as early as December following a scant monsoon. While Ujjain residents are getting water supply for an hour in four days, Indore has declared water emergency from February to June 2009. This is the first time an Indian city has declared water

Talk about weeds changing labour market Vandana Khobragade, a small farmer, knew the wheat and chickpea growing on her half hectare farmland needed weeding. But she could not afford to pay Rs 50 a day for labour to farm hands in her village Matkazari in Maharashtra

Madhya Pradesh

Flawed grading prevents Vidarbha cotton farmers from getting the highest-ever support price On December 4, some 200 farmers arrived at the cotton procurement centre in Yavatmal tehsil of Maharashtra, with about 60 tonnes of cotton loaded in carts and tractor trolleys. They demanded the minimum support price (msp) of Rs 3,000 per 100 kg promised by the Centre. This sent the

Chhindwada told candidates thirty-odd villages in Madhya Pradesh used the recent assembly elections to press an unusual demand: increase the number of employment days under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 (nrega) from 100 to 150. Twenty-eight villages in Saunsar tehsil in Chhindwada district asked the candidates vying for assembly seats to include the demand in

Maharashtra coal mining EIA dumps people, wildlife COAL mining is set to replace 3,350 hectares (ha), and perhaps more, of reserve forests in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra. This will affect people who are dependent on such forests for everyday needs like firewood. The Centre has given mining leases to three companies, of which Adani Enterprises has got 1,600 ha for its opencast mining

Villagers protest relocation residents of a village in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra