Damaged and caved in, victims of mine collapse still call it home The ground is slipping from under the houses of nearly 200,000 people. Houses are sinking into cavities, some 15 metres deep, left behind by the abandoned mines of Western Coalfield Limited (wcl). The mines are located under a six-kilometre stretch in Maharashtra

Market-dependent urban food practices are swallowing up indigenous food habits Tribal elder Nabbu Supari Tekam in tiny Kolam village of Yavatmal district in Maharashtra loves to tell this story

in the face of stiff opposition from consumer forums, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (nmc) has approved four of the 72 proposed pay-and-park zones. Vehicles can now be parked along the stretch between Khamla Chowk and Punjab National Bank in Pande Lay Out, between Gajanan High School and Mhalgi Nagar Square in Mhalgi Nagar, between Bombay Garments and Central Avenue Road and between

little did farmers in Maharashtra know, or ever expect, that the thousands of rupees they invested in their soybean crop would be lost to countless colonies of caterpillars. The losses have shaken the region

A farm development scheme hurts farmers, favours industry The Centre recently came up with a new-fangled scheme for Maharashtra

while the Andhra Pradesh government is yet to recognize salt makers as farmers, two recent government orders mention

Maharashtra preparing to relocate people but without groundwork

on may 28, the Maharashtra government issued an order revoking a 47-year-old ban on the sale of Lathyrus sativus, a pulse variety grown widely in the state

In one season, land prices in Dhangharwadi shot up from Rs 6,000-10,000 per acre (0.4 hectare) to Rs 1 lakh per acre. But people in this little village in Maharashtra