An 82-km cycle track to connect residential areas of the Mumbai suburb, 52 km in the kitty Pravin Pandurang Mandavkar, 24, serves vada-pav in the Thane Municipal Corporation canteen. Everyday, he commutes from his house in Kharegaon, seven kilometres away, on his bicycle. The daily commute, he said, is cumbersome and unsafe given the heavy traffic on the seven-kilometre stretch

Thane residents say no to waste tax RESIDENTS of Thane city are not willing to pay tax for the garbage that goes out of their homes each day. The Thane Municipal Corporation in November 2008 had proposed a nominal solid waste tax for scientific disposal of garbage. The target was to collect Rs 3.16 crore a year. But the civic body gave in to pressure from corporators and people who were

Reliance told tribunal about showing green zone as industrial TWELVE villages in Raigad district of Maharashtra are awaiting the judgement of the National Environment Appellate Authority to be announced in December. Raigad-based farmers

Another risky landfill plan in Mumbai THE Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai plans to partially close down and modernize the Deonar dumping ground in the eastern suburb at a cost of Rs 5,000 crore, but environmentalists fear it may end up increasing the risks of land subsidence and pollutants leaching into the groundwater. The proposal is to slightly compact and cover

Even as the government banned animal movement, sick horses are falling prey to other diseases equine influenza is threatening to assume epidemic proportions in India, with over six states, including Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and West Bengal having reported an outbreak of the acutely contagious respiratory disease. Now Bangalooru seems to be the

Maharashtra to introduce biometric cards, computerize PDS the Maharashtra government has decided to introduce biometric ration cards across the state to check corruption in the public distribution system (pds). Biometric cards will first be introduced in Mumbai and Pune in a year. The government will soon sign a contract with Mumbai-based Spanco Telesystems for issuing over 22 million

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contaminated milk continues to be sold in Maharashtra despite crack-down measures taken by authorities. The Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (fda), had, in a study, found that 20 per

Hill station burns biogas that can meet the needs of 300 families matheran, a hill station 100 km from Mumbai, still relies on horses for transport and is off limits for motor vehicles. In March 2007, the town lived up to its green image by installing a garbage disposal plant that converts organic waste into methane gas and manure. Two years down the line, there are no takers for the gas

Builder taps wind energy to complete project on time The first phase of the Golden Park housing project in Kalyan in Thane district ended about two years ago. By then the builder was fed up with the irregular power supply that had escalated the cost and delayed the project. Now, it is the residents who face the ordeal of seven to eight hours of erratic power cuts daily. The